Friday, October 21, 2016

Quiz for Lessons 41-45 – Parts of Speech – Adjectives

Instructions: Choose the correct answer in these sentences.
1. Mr. Smith is (a husband and father, a husband and a father).
2. (An, A) orange is sweeter than (an, a) pear.
3. May I go to the movie with (them, those) boys?
4. I would avoid (this, these) kinds of back operations.
5. (That, those) sorts of plants are poisonous.
6. May I go help (those, these, them)?
7. James wants (a watch and a camera, a watch and camera).
8. (A, An) answer is what I need now.
–For answers scroll down.
1. a husband and father
2. an and a
3. those
4. these
5. those
6. them
7. a watch and a camera
8. an

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